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Jun 03, 2019 Placement, Web Presence

How to Increase Your Local Business's Web Presence


You’re a small business owner. Or the manager of a local franchise. You're on the journey to financial freedom. After all, the flexibility that self-employment allows for is a major draw for you.

It’s not that you’re afraid of hard work (you aren’t).

It’s only that you can’t be fulfilled by your work if you’re not fulfilled by the rest of your life. Time to explore nature and new places, an hour here or there to perfect your tee shot, a weekend away with your family--these are the simple pleasures that work makes possible.

So to fully take advantage of the lifestyle benefits of owning your own business, and to access the million of people researching and purchasing what they need online, it is essential your online actions and interactions result in a positive experience for your potential and existing customers. In this blog, learn how to increase your business's web presence. 

1. Web Presence Equals A Website

The first step to demonstrating your business's unique offerings is to build a well-designed website that highlights your mission, products and services, and more.

According to Small Biz Daily, one of the most important reasons every business needs a website is control. When you build a website, it’s yours...the design, content, and goals, and it's a place for potential buyers to learn about who you are, what you are selling, and why you are selling it. 

This web is the first place buyers go to when searching for solutions, so you want to not only make sure you are there, but that your site follows best practice for things like usability, visuals, responsive design, and messaging. 

2. Optimize Web Presence with SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is how potential customers find your website via search engines (the most popular being Google).

SEO is fundamental to your web presence and it highly increases the chance your business will be seen and ranked by search engines and get you closer to page 1 of Google. You most likely won't start on page 1 right off the bat, but the more you optimize for SEO, the higher you will appear in SERPs (search engine result pages) when leads look for a term or topic related to your products and services.

The first step to optimizing your website for SEO is to determine what topics and subtopics topics you want to rank for. These are general and niche words or phrases that relating to your business.

Tip - *Start by choosing 5 to 10 phrases and just pop them into Google and make a note of what comes up. Starting here lets you see the intention behind the phrase first before going to a keyword research tool and getting all excited about volume and difficulty. If all your competitors pop up and volume is low to medium, then its most likely a term you want to go for. If not, you might need to do some more research and understand what the exact intention is of the majority of people searching for that phrase first. 


3. Increase Web Presence with Social Media 

These days there are endless social media platforms. Some of the most popular channels include:

These are a great place to start to get people talking about and engaging with your business. The key here is to do some research about your ideal buyer and determine which channel(s) they use. If you are targeting Millennials and B2C, then Instagram is usually a great place to start.

On the other hand, B2B is most likely on LinkedIn. So, you initially might try a variety of channels to test and find your buyers. Eventually, you will most likely see one or two channels outperforming the others. 

Other benefits of social media include social proof and influencers, real-time communication with leads and customers, increased brand awareness, low-cost, effective advertising, and having access to A LOT of internet users. According to We Are Social, there were around 4.437 billion by April 2019.

If you are a business owner that wants to save time so you can live life on your own terms, we hope these three tips for increasing your web presence will help you accomplish your goals and set you up to experience the freedom you deserve.

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